The sensei talk and new events!!!!!!!!

After a crazy month of surprises and secrets, the Club Penguin Times has finally had a chance to sit down with the Sensei to ask him a few questions.


Here’s what the Sensei has to say.

  1. The Sensei built the Dojo a long time ago.
  2. Only black belts can beat the Sensei.
  3. Only ninjas can go into the secret hideout.
  4. Penguins must be a member to purchase the ninja suit. You must also have access to the secret room.
  5. Only penguins with the ninja suit can turn invisible.

the sensei answer some questions Club Penguin Times do:


In the newspaper they revel the secret ninja room, but we have to wait to the catalog.

this are the uncoming events:


~Nolo rec~

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